Recommended Places to Visit in Northern Peru

Peru is more than Machu Picchu. There are more places you can go to during your visit to this incredible country in South America. From historical monuments to naturally beautiful landmarks. Here are Places to Visit in Northern Peru

Peru has everything you need for an unforgettable trip. It is also a paradise for those who crave for the real deal of the wildlife. It is such a great idea to have a long trip in Peru because there are many places worth travelling for. As for now, here are recommended places to go to in Northern Peru:


Lobitos is a great place for you who want to explore the sea and try various activities in the water. It is one of the most popular place for surfing with its consistent swells of up to 7ft. the best time to visit is in June because it’s when you can experience the biggest waves.


Lobitos Places to Visit in Northern Peru

Many surfers around the world visit this place to try the wildness of the sea. This place is situated 72 kilometers of Mancora. If you are not into surfing, you can just chill and relax around the beach that has the coral-white sands. Not to mention that water is crystal clear.


Cajamarca is also highly recommended to visit in Northern Peru. This is a city which contains the history of the Inca. It is known as the city where the Inca Emperor, Atahualpa, was captured then killed by Fransisco Pizarro, a Spanish conquistador.


Cajamarca  Places to Visit in Northern Peru

As for today, this city is often flocked by the tourist both domestic and international. The most visited spot is Plaza de Armas in which you can find beautifully carved Plateresque Baroque churches. You will also get to see thousands of golden artefacts. Not to mention you can visit pre-Inca thermal pools nearby Banos del Inca, to experience how royalty bath during The Inca times.


Leymebamba might be a little bit morbid for you because this is a place in Peru where you can expect to see mummies. One of the best museums that you should visit is the Museo de Leymebamba. In this museum, the mummies are stored in a controlled temperature room.


Leymebamba  Places to Visit in Northern Peru

There are about 219 mummies in the village. They were buried from 800 years ago, even most of them are still wrapped in their original textile coverings. However, some of them are displayed bare. You can even look into their opened eyes directly through the display and feel the thrill yourself.

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