Things You Should Not Do When Travelling Around Places in Peru

Travelling in Peru can be one of the best moments in your life especially if you like adventure. Peru is also a great place to explore more about the old civilization of the Incas. There are many places you can visit to learn more about the beauty of this country.

Travelling Around Places in Peru

Travelling Around Places in Peru

This is not only a place of where Machu Picchu, the one of the seven wonders located. It is also a place where you can explore the most intriguing and extraordinary biodiversity of the world’s ecosystem. However, it is still important for you to know what to do and what not to do during your travel in Peru.

What you should not do when travelling around places in Peru

Basically, Peru is a safe place you can visit without so much worry in your head. However, it is still vital to know things you should not do to prevent from endangering your safety and health. Here are examples of things you should not do while travelling in Peru:

It is highly advised to not drink the tap water when you wandering around the cities. The water in cities of Peru is not always safe to drink. Therefore, it is highly recommended to bring your own bottled water if you are wandering around the cities during your visit to Peru. If you plan to hike or climb the Inca Trail, it is highly suggested to bring a bottle with purification media inside to filter the water you are going to drink.

Travelling Around Places in Peru

Travelling Around Places in Peru. do not drink direct from tap

Most of the common health problems experienced by travelers during their visit in Peru is the altitude sickness.  Such as headaches, nausea, and shortness of breath, sunburn, and high elevations. Those are not deathly but still need to be taken care of as not to risk your health.

Sunblock cream

Therefore, always pack strong sunblock anywhere you go in Peru to protect your skin especially when you visit Cusco. Give yourself time to adjust to the high altitude or bring an oxygen tank if necessary.

Travelling Around Places in Peru

Travelling Around Places in Peru.  do not forget your sunblock cream

About coca leaves, many visitors freaked out to know there are those in Peru. It is true coca leaves are used to make cocaine. However, it doesn’t give you any harm to drink coca tea in Peru.

The locals use the leaves to make tea, gums, and candles which can be used to help you adjust the altitude sickness.  However, do not bring any products of coca leaves home or else you will get trouble explaining to your border patrol.

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